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Waiting for the bus, a train is a few minutes late, a meeting is waiting to start. Everyone knows these situations. Suddenly there are a few minutes free time and nothing to do with it. Falxon is just for these moments. Use your iPhone to shorten waiting times.

Play and Forget

The game begins immediately after launch. No long loading times, no cluttered menus. Falxon is optimized for short moments.

Game Mission

is to steer a falling ball through a labyrinth. The ball is not allowed to leave the screen while the labyrinth speeds up.

Play to your own music

Falxon allows you to control your iPod. The player decides whether he plays with music or not.

As of April 1st, Falxon is iPad compatible and available on the App Store as an universal App. People who bought Falxon get the iPad compatibility as a free update.

The social part

Falxon features a world highscore. Alongside with the normal highscore-list features Falxon provides a friend list allowing you to set up your own highscore list. And Falxon get's

Twitter integration

You are able to tweet your result. However that's not the fun part of it, right? Falxon provides the player with a highscore list of his friends and followers thus allows him to directly compete with his contacts. After you beat a player, simply tweet your new result and i'm sure he will pick it up as a challenge.

Did Falxon catch your eye? It is available on the App Store. Do you have suggestions, questions or does something not work? Contact me under falxon@ennowelbers.info

Falxon contains MGTwitterEngine written by Matt Gemmell
Falxon contains icons from Joseph Wain / glyphish.com
Falxon contains icons from www.pixelpressicons.com
Falxon contains icons from App-Bits (www.app-bits.com)