by Enno Welbers, written on 25.06.2010 Permalink

More Pixels for your Mac.

AirScreen transforms your iPad into an external screen for your Mac. Integration is as easy as possible: Launch AirScreen, select your Mac, more screen estate. All needed drivers are Part of AirScreen. All you need to do is browse an URL on your Mac to download them directly from the iPad.

Facts, facts, facts

How fast is AirScreen? Mouse movements are very smooth and the update rates are enough for normal activities like reading documentations and instant messaging. Videos are not playing optimal. But... there's Air Video and Youtube for it, right?

And how ... is it possible to ...

AirScreen is detected as a normal external screen. With the exception of screen resolution you can configure it like a normal screen. Synchronization is also possible, however i recommend the normal screen mode. A simple use case: While working you can put your IM sessions on the iPad screen.

System requirements

The AirScreen drivers are developed with Mac OS X Snow Leopard in mind. They will use 10 to 20 MB of RAM permanently.


Do you have suggestions, questions or does something not work? Contact me under airscreen@ennowelbers.info. I would like to hear from you.