Med Log

by Enno Welbers, written on 13.02.2010 Permalink

Are you taking a lot of different medicines? Are you caring for a relative and need to keep track of the drugs you give him/her? Are you in tight contact with a Doctor concerning those medicines? There is an app for that.

Everything at hand

Med Log handles your list of medicines including the default dose and allows you to note every taking. It notes the amount and whether it was a planned or unplanned taking. If you need to, you can make notes in Med Log's journal.

Is your doctor reachable via email? Med Log heavily simplifies communication with your doctor. Along with the feature of sending pre-formatted mails, Med Log is able to send the taking journal to your doctor. You simply choose the file format: csv for later analysis or as plaintext just to inform your doctor.

Med Log's protocol allows you to keep an overview of the medicines you take. It allows you to filter the Protocol so that you only see the drugs you're interested in. Mailing the filtered protocol to your doctor is fully supported, of course.

Analysis available

Are you in need of an analysis? Med Log is able to compute diagrams on a daily basis. Drawing a helper line is supported, alongside with PDF export, sending by mail, zooming and pinching. If you have multiple medicines of the same type (e.g. painkillers in liquid form) you can sum these medicines up in a single diagram.


Comments, improvement ideas, feature requests boggle your mind? Drop us an e-mail at support@medlog.ennowelbers.info While Med Log and it's main features will remain free, if you like this Project, you can now flattr it.