Med Log Backup

by Enno Welbers, written on 13.02.2010 Permalink

Some people might be worried about leaving their data inside a single device. There is a solution! With Med Log Backup for Mac and PC you can create Backups of your data.

Download Med Log Backup 1.1 (up to Med Log 1.4):

Windows Vista x64 is not supported by Med Log Backup 1.1. One of the libraries Med Log Backup uses does not run on 64-bit Versions of Vista.

Download Med Log Backup 1.2 (Med Log 1.5 and up):

System Requirements of Med Log Backup for Windows: .NET Framework 3.5 und Bonjour for Windows. Bonjour is part of the iTunes installation process, the .NET Framework is normally installed with windows update.

Usage of Med Log Backup is easy: Med Log Backup will try to pair with every device it sees in the current network. The Pairing exists for security reasons, to prohibit unwanted data exchanges.

Once pairing is completed (Pairing data are saved on iPhone/iPod Touch and can be deleted using Med Log's Preferences), Med Log Backup is able to create backups and to restore Med Log from a backup.

Important: The backup/restore process might take longer than the configured autolock and the iPhone/iPod touch might go to sleep during backup/restore. It's important to prevent that by touching the screen during the process.